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Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE)

The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) is a female entrepreneurship promotion program that provides 30 women entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools and network they need to create and grow your businesses. 

In 2021 Hungary joins AWE’s global network for the first time through the US Embassy in Budapest in partnership with The Foundation for Sustainable Enterprises.

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This program was developped with the aid of grant funding to address unemployment in Hungary. The intention is to support the unemployed (of any age) in their entrepreneurial ambitions to become self-employed. This support is in the form of free online workshops, one-on-one consulting, free basic training, and mentorship. Participants learn the basics of business and financial planning during two group sessions, where we help them determine best pricing, target groups, and market segments.

We are so pleased with the turnout of 500 participants over the past one and a half years, but the most positive outcome by far has been the 150 who have already launched their own businesses. We did face challenges to get to this point, not least of which was educating participants on how to use an online platform in the midst of a pandemic, while online with them. No small feat. But soon, with grit and perseverance on both sides of the screen, a groove set in and people began to catch on.

As 2020 closed, it became abundantly clear that going online was a huge opportunity for FVA; we reached a wider audience including people from the countryside who had previously been almost impossible to reach, as well as stay-at-home moms and those with physical disabilities.

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Social Impact Award

Social Impact Award is more than just an award. It is a year-round educational program on social entrepreneurship dedicated to students and youth.

We support you in building social enterprises that find solutions to the most challenging issues of our time. We do so by hosting events and organizing workshops to raise awareness for social entrepreneurship, teaching the necessary skills to navigate from vague intentions to promising ventures, providing access to networks and promoting the best teams with the Social Impact Award.

Experimental, human and collaborative – this is us!

Learn more about the program’s Hungarian edition on this site or visit our global page at

EOI – European Coworking

European Coworking in Challenging Times is transnational programme co-funded by the European Social Fund. It provides Mentoring and Training from European mentors to entrepreneurs that are starting their own business or trying to re-invent themselves during and after the pandemic.

The 6th edition is happening between Jan 12, 2021 and March 29, 2021. We were also mentoring the earlier 5 editions.

Why is this unique? Coronavirus has changed the world forever. We need new ways of doing. We need new ways of being. Will we learn some lessons during this pandemic era? If we learn well, we will together create our future to better address human, social and environmental challenges. All stakeholders can add value.


“Social Innovators Network” at the first stage map the youth social initiatives. Further on it brings together young people and youth workers from 3 countries of the region of Central Europe (Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary) in order to foster the partnerships, peer-to-peer learning and ideas of youth for social enterprises and their intentions to become entrepreneurs. Secondly it connects and trains the youth workers, mentors, and other multiplicators working with the youth in the field of entrepreneurship.

Boost Your Company (NŐjön a Cégem!)

Our training for women entrepreneurs was implemented in cooperation with the Well-Being Foundation and the MaVan Association. In the 4 + 1 day training, we examined the companies of the applicant entrepreneurs in detail and prepared them for an investor meeting. Participants’ feedback also suggests that the supportive environment and mentoring professionals experienced during the program are unique.